It's getting cold... Too damn cold for writing, almost. My fingers freeze on the keyboard, and my feet... Well, I have to look to make sure they're still there sometimes. But it's all for you guys. The readers.

I feel like I've let you all down, but this week, things are changing : new schedules, new principles, new goals. Same method, but it's still fresh. A new short is under progress (and no, I haven't given up on the old ones, they're still in progress). Sure, I should just sit down and work on one at a time, but how am I going to enter this literary world with a BANG if I just half-ass my efforts? Suggestions? I didn't think so.

These sleepless nights will produce something worth sharing one of these days... I just need to stop writing the same stories over and over again. I vowed something new to all of you; I intend to keep that promise. You'll just have to be pissed and patient with me in the process.