It's dark outside. Dark enough to sleep, but I'm awake and alert. The rain is thrashing my window panes and I'm comfortable in my hovel behind the only light source in the room : the computer screen. The occasional slashing of the sky by something glorious and bright fills my eyes, followed by the enraged boom of its predecessor.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a great start to a day for writing horror.
A page entitled "Stories" will go up today, but the short will not be up until later. Last week had been the intended date of upload, but some editing and formatting problems halted progress. I've found the solution now, so all I need is just a little more of your patience and you can all tell me how the new story wasn't worth the wait, after all.
Also, "The War with W.M. Desilva" is going to be a big hit. I could tell you, sure. But just wait and enjoy the show.
Love always,
           - John