Hello everyone! For those of you returning, welcome back! Find the sub-page you're looking for and have fun while you're here.

    For the new folks, thank you for clicking the link! My name is J. H. Lankford. I'm a musician, a part-time writer, an amateur cosplayer and I'm terrible at getting new things on this site. (We're working on that, though.) Soon I'll be posting music videos on my youtube channel (once I figure out how to record them, anyway). I'm working on a short album right now, experimenting with my recording positions, mic placement, etc. I'll link my videos as soon as they're up!
    As it goes for my stories, well, some are on this site and are works in progress, and some are on paper, editing in progress. I've been saying it for years but I will eventually get my stories published and on your hands.
    Amateur cosplaying is something I've recently become interested in, and I'll periodically put new photos up when I have something new. (Anime and Comic conventions are kind of rare here in Georgia.)

    Well I hope you enjoy your stay! It's fairly plain right now but I hope I will have more time to post more periodically. (The bills won't pay themselves around here.)

                                                [There will be photos here soon!]

Find me on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/twotoedcowboy